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Video Messages

Interview with England's Justice Advocates ... Problems & Solutions

An Unlawful Trial - Part 1 ... The Law of Israel

An Unlawful Trial - Part 2 ... The Lie of the Priests

An Unlawful Trial - Part 3 ... The Call for US!

Audio Messages

Government Exists to Serve Us ... Not to Rule Us ... Another Primary Principle


The Gospel Mystery ... Hidden From the Ages

Jesus the Man ... A Day in His Early Life

When Soul Sees Self ... A Look Within


The Trial of Jesus

Natural Law

In The Midst of Darkness

Contrary to Popular Myth

The Blind Force of the People

Amnesia is Fatal

The Art of Law

The Burden and the Glory


The Civil Citizen

Case-Winning Justice Course

How to Win in Court - Without a Lawyer ... Step-by-Step Self-Help for People Who Can't Afford a Lawyer

Music     ( Listen with Headphones or Giant Speakers )

What Time is For ... Now We Know

Wanda ... My Brothers' Mother's Name

Crazy Time ... What Time is For

Bossa Time ... Just a Bit of Fun Stuff

God is Not Finished with Me ... At Least this Old Man Hopes Not !

Dark March ... Adagio for Strings and Percussion

Fugue for the Common Man ... Celebrating Liberty

No More Time ... Messing Around on the Keys

Turkish ... Music for the Silent Mind Within

Snow Dreams ... a Tone Poem

Celebration ... a Handbell Choir Piece

Danse Pour Les Enfants ... Ballet for the Children

Someday ... A Musical Experiment

Momma Told Me ... An Old Blues Tune

All I Know For Sure ... A Love Song of Sorts

Don't know where it goes when the sun goes down.
Can't say I understand what makes the wind blow 'round.
Don't have a clue why people act the way they do.
All I know for sure, Darlin', is I love you.

Can anyone comprehend how deep the deep sea is?
Ask me how birds fly. I know I'll flunk the quiz.
Don't have a magic potion for when you're feelin' blue.
All I know for sure, Darlin', is I love you.

It amazes me to see the clouds roll on by.
I hear the thunder roar, but I don't know why.
And there's no way of knowin' if the words I'm hearin's are true.
All I know for sure, Darlin', is I love you.

Where does the tide go, when the tide goes out?
And will I ever know what life's all about?
Who has all the answers? God I wish I knew.
All I know for sure, Darlin', is I love you.
I love you.

Musical arrangement for poem by my friend Bud O'Donnel, deceased.
I miss him but trust there is a place where good friends meet again.

The Life Within ... A Song for Sailors



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