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Tokyo Rose

Your Hand

The Blind Force

Razzle Dazzle - Gimme Some Money, Pop!

Navigating with a USB Thumb Drive

Who Stole our Sheet Anchor?

Rules that Promote Peace

First Light

Rules 101

Never the Same

Messages From My Heart

Lighthouses, Rocky Shores, and Challenge

The Geometry of Good Government

For Those Who Wish a Better World

In All We Humans Must Abide

Some of My Music     ( Best with Headphones or Giant Speakers )

No More Time ... Messing Around on the Keys

Turkish ... Music for the Silent Mind Within

The Life Within ... The Gospel Mystery

Snow Dreams ... a Tone Poem

Dark March ... Adagio for Strings and Percussion

Celebration ... a Handbell Choir Piece

Danse Pour Les Enfants ... Ballet for the Children

Someday ... A Musical Experiment

All I Know For Sure ... A Love Song of Sorts

Momma Told Me ... An Old Blues Tune

Videos You'll Want to Watch with Family

An Unlawful Trial - Part 1 ... The Law

An Unlawful Trial - Part 2 ... The Lie

An Unlawful Trial - Part 3 ... The Call

My Books in Need of a Publisher

Jesus the Man ... A Day in His Early Life

America the Just ... Book One ... The Beginning

America the Just ... Book Two ... The Pioneers

Word War ... Verses for a Wounded World

The Gospel Mystery ... Hidden From the Ages

When Soul Sees Self ... A Look Within

God Who? ... A New Paradigm for Religious Tolerance and Global Peace

Some of My Lectures

No Room for Compromise ... Logos Radio Broadcast - 5 January 2009

The Talk ... Logos Radio Broadcast - 18 January 2013

A Few of My Essays

The Trial of Jesus

In The Midst of Darkness

Contrary to Popular Myth

The Blind Force of the People

Amnesia is Fatal

Natural Law

The Art of Law

The Burden and the Glory


The Civil Citizen

My Case-Winning Online Justice Course

How to Win in Court - Without a Lawyer ... Step-by-Step Self-Help for People Who Can't Afford a Lawyer

Fiction ... Or Is It ?

Back to My Old Self Again

Hartley's Friends


Morning in Monument Valley

A Fallen Soldier

Iowa's Capitol Building in Des Moines


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